I’d love to praise this company again, because in my previous experience most local CPAs do not have the expertise to offer the hiring tax credit service. Specialists such as the TaxPress Taxation Consulting  offer such services. Reliant Tax Consulting has obtained significant tax refunds for our clients and we recommend them to business owners.

Mike Whitaker CEO – Media Wiki

This company’s managers were able to obtain settlement for 3 cents on the dollar, relieving me of a tremendous burden.  What an incredible job!  I don’t have words enough to express my gratitude to you and Daniel Beck, who’s been my personal manager throughout this process!

Janice Grieg CEO – Media Wiki

As a small business owner, I have a hard time keeping up with everyday life due to the demands on my time. One of the areas I cannot afford to ditch are my personal finances. This company’s team and all the managers did all of our business bookkeeping and accounting needs, and I really appreciate…

Jonathan Gilberte CEO – Media Wiki

I just want to thank you for all your help that you have provided on this matter. Since the moment you and your team of Tax Consulting  pros had gotten involved, I had not had the stress that I had before. You guys handled my situation with the utmost professionalism and I was able to…

Jamez Murdoch CEO – Media Wiki

For my mid-sized business, taxation gets too tricky to keep track of personally. So I am very thankful to this company’s professional staff! They are very knowledgeable and helped me understand how my business could claim the tax benefits. Reliant is truly amazing and exceeded my expectations…Reliant coordinated with my CPA and obtained my tax…

Mary Walters CEO – Media Wiki

Following much frustration dealing with one of the “big 4” firms, our company finally decided to seek out specialized tax advice for our complex corporate taxing issues. Thanks to these guys I was able to sort it all out in no time! I guess that’s what makes a difference for a professional!

Walter Mayham CEO – Media Wiki